Monday, May 5, 2014

ELHE026: Every Day I Fantasize, by Es Lohnt Sich Nicht

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Es Lohnt Sich Nicht is a new post-noiseviolence collective specializing in shitting upon your culture. Here they are with their debut single, and boy are they sure to make you swoon! Enjoy the sensual sounds of "Every Day I Fantasize"... I know I did!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thursday, October 3, 2013

ELHE024: Crack by S&M Hunter

S&M Hunter is back. Electric Hedonist is back. You have never heard the sounds on this recording before. You have already heard these sounds way too many times.

Friday, May 3, 2013

ElHE019: Raymond Chauvette/Vatermord Pee split

This double slab of shitnoise starts with a field recording by the efficient robotnik Raymond Chauvette (somebody hire this man!) that features one of the most kickass intros ever. This is followed by some worthless, self-loathing percussion from the decadent Vatermord Pee. Who could ask for anything more? SATAN, that's who!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ELHE018: Queef Reich, by Queef Reich

Electric Hedonist and Sluggisha have teamed up to bring you this craptastic debut from the young arrivistes in Queef Reich. Mellow electronic pings and rumbles are slathered in uptight distortion and screaming. It sounds like a cyborg pig being drowned in barbecue sauce. Eat meat! Get this record!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ELHE017: Split by Hell Garbage and S&M Hunter

Hell Garbage kicks off this split with a set of furious and intensely disorienting noisecore that will lead you to enlightenment with its profound and penetrating insight into the human condition, while S&M Hunter follows up with some depressing shitnoise that will reaffirm your lack of faith in humanity, including a single track sequel to the album "Metal Ghost."

Distro List and Upcoming Release

Things have been a little quiet at Electric Hedonist, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Tonight will see the release of a brand new split featuring the heavenly Hell Garbage and the suave S&M Hunter, and more releases can be expected in the near future. In the meantime, here is a list of the physical items we have on hand to distribute. Everything is CDr unless otherwise noted.

If you want a copy of anything, just leave a comment in the comment section on this blog. We prefer trades, but if you don't have anything, then we'll be happy to send everything to you for free!

On Electric Hedonist:

On the label:
ELHE001-Superbug by S&M Hunter (shitnoise)
ELHE002-There Is No Afterlife by S&M Hunter (shitnoise/drone)
ELHE003-Meet the Caffeine Shakes by The Caffeine Shakes (noisecore)
ELHE004-The Dissolute Doctor Date Rape by Doctor Date Rape (shitnoise)
ELHE005-Dig It! by Doctor Date Rape (shitnoise)
ELHE006-Smule Hero/S&M Hunter split (shitnoise/more shitnoise)
ELHE007-S&M Hunter/Rolling & Growling split (shitnoise/more shitnoise)
ELHE008-Cooked Power by The Caffeine Shakes (noisecore)
ELHE009-s/t by Fuck Ramone and the Repressed Urges (noisecore)
ELHE010-Hooded Men by Doctor Date Rape (shitnoise)
ELHE011-Jizzing Nerds Play Retro Games by Pixel Shit ("8-shit" noise)
ELHE012-A Past Winner by ASF (Weird Harsh Noise)
ELHE013-Simon Magus, Part 1 by S&M Hunter (shitnoise, SOLD OUT)
ELHE014-Simon Magus, Part 2 by S&M Hunter (shitnoise, SOLD OUT)
ELHE015-Bronies in Hell by Fuck Ramone and the Repressed Urges (noisecore)
ELHE016-Midnight Violence Noisecore by The Caffeine Shakes (noisecore)
ELHE017-Hell Garbage/S&M Hunter split (noisecore/shitnoise)

(Electric Hedonist provides exclusive artwork for each individual copy of the above records, with the exceptions of ELHE006, ELHE007, ELHE011, and ELHE012)

Not on the label:
S&M Hunter/Semolina/Dan-Charge/Nasal Death split (shitnoise/shitty tape recorder harsh noise/more shitnoise/nosecore) - only 4 copies!

That./S&M Hunter/Flounder split (harsh noise/shitnoise/harsh shitnoise) - only 4 copies!

S&M Hunter/Romeo Toulou Short Shit Split (shitnoise/shitnoise)

Not So Quiet on the Western Front tribute - featuring more bands than you can imagine playing in more styles than you can imagine!

Hell Garbage/Suicide by Cock split (shitnoise/noisecore)

Adelard Dumas/Douche-Charge/The Caffeine Shakes/Wilbrod Bouchard cassette split (shitnoise with crappy electronic instruments/combcore/noisecore/shitnoise with chickens)

Have fun!